Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Next Ultrasound...

I had appointments, non-stress tests, and ultrasounds fairly regularly. The next ultrasound was around 28 weeks along.

The baby passed the ultrasound requirements, was not in any sort of jeopardy at this point. The doctor asked what the next steps would be if they showed any sort of stress on the baby. What actions would I take?

I asked the doctor if it were a normal baby what would the steps be? He said that they would take the baby as soon as their was any stress. I told him then that is what I want you to do if you notice any sort of stress on the baby.

He seemed shocked. He nodded his head. He told me that if I feel any lack of movement to call their office right away to be seen.

After leaving, I had to go directly to an OB appointment. I was given the medical records.

I stood in the hallway and thought, yep, I'm looking at them. They are my medical records, why not!

One line stood out, it went something like this:

"We have not been able to detect the previous dandy walker variant that was previously noted in ultrasound."

No one told me this information. This was big. This gave me a small glimmer of hope.

Have Faith. Have faith, I thought.

I went over to the appointment and started my one millionth non-stress test. I exaggerate, slightly.

All was okay so they would see me in a week.

It was the 28 week mark. My emotions were on high alert. This was the week they told me my baby wouldn't make it.

Would I last for a whole week? Only time would tell.

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